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Beyond The Lens! Family Fun

Exploring the best of pop culture with interactive games,
amazing photo ops and intriguing exhibits for the entire family!


FlyRide gives you an immersive feeling of flight as you soar above 22 national landmarks! It is an amazing sensory experience with full motion seats that dip, turn and soar! You will feel wind, mist and other amazing effects!

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Flip Zone

Flip, spin, bump, repeat! Flip zone Bumper Cars turns the bumper car experience upside down! Drive around bumping into friends as your chair flips a full 360 degrees horizontally and vertically.  (Must be 42 inches tall to ride.)

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SELFIE Spectacular

Beyond the Lens is filled to the brim with totally unique selfie opportunities. Capture a split second in time with the 180° cameras of the Bullet Timer. Lounge on a pile of $50,000,000 cash. Rock out with Elvis in front of the giant green screen. Blast off into space with Neil Armstrong for the first moon walk, or #BreakTheInternet with a sensual champagne toast. These are selfie moments you won’t find anywhere else!

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Search for Bigfoot

With over 6,000 reported sightings of Bigfoot in the US alone, there’s a chance he’s been spotted in your neck of the woods. Find out for yourself in the Search for Bigfoot, an interactive experience full of sights, sounds, and convincing encounters. Keep your eyes peeled! You might just catch some photographic evidence of your own!

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The Alien Egg Pit

Thousands of translucent white eggs fill this alien nest. While Mama Alien is away, take your chance and jump right in. Hey, grownups, that includes you! We’ll even snap a picture to prove you were brave enough.

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The Human Kaleidoscope

At one moment, a trip through space—the next, like Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole. Flashing lights and pulsing colors turn this 20’ long kaleidoscope into an ever-changing sensory experience. Each selfie is different from the last, but they’ll all look incredible.

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Augmented Reality Games

Using your phone’s camera and the Beyond the Lens app, search for the yellow dots scattered throughout the building. Each dot comes to life in the form of a crazy celebrity pet! Collect all 20 and show them to a staff member for a prize!

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Virtual Reality Games and Escape Room

Try your hand at cutting edge virtual reality video games like Beat Sabre and Walk The Plank! Can you take the Hot Seat?! Use your problem solving skills to escape, you only have two minutes!

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Crimes of the Century

If there had only been a camera in the right place at the right time, history’s biggest crimes wouldn’t be so controversial today. Examine the theories behind the Crimes of the Century, including JonBenet Ramsey, OJ Simpson, Laci Peterson, and more. See multiple angles and little-known theories behind the JFK assassination, and test your knowledge of the crimes behind celebrity mugshots.

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Walk the Red Carpet

All the glitz and glam of being a Hollywood Star without the high-dollar fashion budget. Make your way down the Red Carpet while paparazzi shout for your attention and flashbulbs light your way. When you get to Grauman’s Theater, leave your handprints on the sidewalk like a true Hollywood celeb.

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