Beyond The Lens! Family Fun

Exploring the best of pop culture with interactive games,
amazing photo ops and intriguing exhibits for the entire family!

SELFIE Spectacular

The Selfie Opportunity is off the chart. Picture you or your family laying on top of $50 million in cash, along with the all new “Selfie Rooms” just for you!
So much More…

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Search for Bigfoot

Enter the infamous Bigfoot search cabin, be alert and explore all the sightings of Bigfoot and Sasquatch that have occurred around the United States, and maybe even your own neighborhood! As you walk down the path in search of the beast you just may come across him or he may come across you…………… yikes.

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Visit the Royals Closet

Step inside the Ultimate Augmented Reality closet and decide what your favorite "Royal" will wear and just how much it cost, or what do those medals on the jacket stand for. Or maybe even “The Path to the Crown” what happens if……

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A walk through the
Human Kaleidoscope

A Truly Amazing look the inside of this 20’ long Kaleidoscope filled with Thousands of colors and effects. This is an "Ultimate Selfie". You'll be envy of all your friends!

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Augmented Reality Games

Look around for our AR Pet Scoop Icons on the floor and with our “Beyond the Lens” app pointed at the discs, They come to "Life" as your favorite celebrity’s pet. Could be a pig, snake, elephant, goat……………… Be ready. Collect them all!

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Celebrity Gossip Room

Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities talk about behind closed doors? Well, get ready and join in on the conversation! This is the talk or should we say gossip of the town!

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The JFK Conspiracy
"A Multiple View from Dealey Plaza"

Go back in time and witness the view from the School Book Depository window and make up your own mind and vote on which conspiracy seems the most conceivable. If you need more thoughts there are more than 13 other conspiracies just waiting via the red phone "Hot Line".

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You Can Break The Internet Too!!

Be the “Buzz” on the internet for all your friends as you pop the champagne cork with the perfect liquid catch of champagne over your head and into the glass, placed prominently on your derriere. Be the next "Superstar" to Break the Internet!

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The Alien Egg Pit

This is a chance for all ages to have a blast in the Alien Egg ballpit with friends, family, grandchildren and more! Don’t be bashful, your memories and selfies from this will last "Beyond the Lens!".

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Walk The "Red Carpet"

Be like your favorite celebrity and walk the red carpet!Watch yourself "LIVE" on the monitors while the herd of Paparazzi is taking your photos and calling for you!

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